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          Ramirez Contracting is a certified DBE/ MBE company that provides services for infrastructure and road construction projects in central and southwest Virginia as well as east Tennessee. Eddie Ramirez founded the company in 2006. After ten years in corporate America, he and his wife left Atlanta and returned to her roots in Abingdon, Virginia, where the company is now based. 

          Ramirez has invested heavily in his business. The company has a fleet of late model equipment and trucks; they’ve purchased equipment to start a pipe bursting operation and have secured the necessary permits and equipment to build a state of the art asphalt plant to service the southwest Virginia market. Eddie Ramirez made a conscious decision to invest in people by hiring experienced supervisors and paying them well. The company’s 15 employees share his commitment to success. 

           Although success has not come easy, Ramirez Contracting has been involved in projects including installing water, sewer and storm drains for on the Virginia Tech ICTAS II building project, CSAT building at the James Madison University Campus, and storm drain work in two large VDOT project. Eddie Ramirez attributes the success in large part because of two aspects of the business start up process. First was to research and understand the market needs and carving a piece of the business where a need is underserved and you have the capacity to step in and serve and exceed expectations. Second, was involvement in the business community to get the recognition by business peers who may not otherwise have an opportunity to be exposed to your business and expertise.